April 3rd, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Calvert County

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We spent Good Friday in Calvert County, first hiking to Calvert Cliffs and enjoying the beach, then at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons where we had the added pleasure of seeing the Ocean Trio performing. We had a picnic in the park near the parking lot right after we arrived, then headed into the woods, following the stream on what started as a firm dirt path, then degenerated into swamp as we approached the wetlands. Our shoes are rather worse for wear but we got to see lots of turtles and a big bullfrog, plus plenty of evidence of beaver activity though the beavers themselves were apparently asleep. The tide was pretty high when we arrived at the Chesapeake shore, so the beach was narrower than usual, but the water was warm enough for us to stick bare feet in (and in younger son's case, to get drenched from the waist down).

In the late afternoon we hiked back to the car, then drove to the museum, where we opted to have dinner in the car since it had gotten quite chilly and several of us were damp. The museum was having a First Free Friday, meaning that it's free in the evenings on the first Friday of each month, and Ocean was performing as the final event in the concert series -- the trio of Jennifer Cutting, Lisa Moscatiello, and Laura Byrne, who did several of my favorites including "Eileen Aroon" and the New St. George's "The Mermaid," with Steve Winick joining them on "General Taylor" and a song in Manx. We also got to walk through the museum's ship gallery, which is under renovation, and to see the rays and skates, the local wildlife exhibit, and the fossils. A Mennonite couple were selling homemade baked goods and flowers out front, so we had brownies in the van on the long drive home.

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