April 9th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Scottish Rite Temple

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Thursday morning and most of the afternoon were pretty quiet -- I got up early when the kids left, then dozed off for what was going to be just a couple of minutes and didn't get up till after 9, so I had a slow start. Sorted and gave away two huge bags of clothing to VVA, including maternity clothes and stuff I've owned since college; rearranged my jewelry drawers because I got this gorgeous Tree of Life necklace with an Amazon.com gift certificate (I'd seen it at As Kindred Spirits, a local store with beautiful jewelry and Judaica, but only just learned that Amazon carries the entire collection). It was, yet again, a very warm day, and though local cherry blossoms are falling like snow, there are now crabapple blossoms turning trees pink all around with azalea buds looking like they're going to pop very soon.

I got a good view of the beautiful flowering trees while I was driving Adam to tennis, then continuing on to meet Paul at the place where we get the Chrysler repaired, since his A/C broke the day after mine did. We stopped at Trader Joe's to get hummus on the way to pick son up, then chaos ensued -- the low tire pressure light came on again, we called Toyota, and briefly we had both vehicles in for service while Toyota tried to figure out why a van that was serviced just two days ago was having such a problem. I called my mother and begged her to pick up our kids, since it was dinnertime; fortunately, the Toyota place is directly behind the mall, so we all ended up at the food court eating thrilling things at Subway and Sbarro. Ultimately Toyota concluded that they couldn't find anything wrong and had no idea why our low tire pressure light kept coming on, so we came home, watched FlashForward which made me very unhappy where two major female characters are concerned, then watched Next Gen's terrible "Aquiel" which I must somehow review tomorrow.

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