April 10th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Spring Beauty

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We had thunderstorms on Thursday night that dropped the temperature on Friday nearly 20 degrees, so it was a gorgeous, clear, not-too-warm spring morning. I did not have a vehicle to drive, since Paul's is in the shop (and needs a new compressor, not just a minor repair to the A/C, meaning that it's going to cost a bloody fortune and take three days to fix), so since I couldn't drive around to see the local flowers, I took a walk. The cherries have lost their petals, but we have dogwoods, crabapples, and redbuds, plus our neighbor's tree that dumps red berries on our porch 51 weeks a year yet this week produces absolutely beautiful pink flowers. We've had lots of birds visiting our feeder since spring arrived, and today we had a blue jay, too.

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The rest of the day was relatively unexciting. I wrote a well-deserved negative review of "Aquiel", the biggest stinker of Next Gen's sixth season, which apparently caused someone to defriend me on Facebook though I don't know who. We had dinner with my parents -- spaghetti with meat-free meatballs for some of us and regular meatballs for others -- then came home and watched Smallville, which has gotten hopelessly complicated for me as I can't remember who knows what about whom anymore or who's working with whom or betrayed whom or forgave whom but oh my it's a good-looking cast even in an episode in which Lois is absent. Afterwards we put on the History Channel and watched The Presidents: 1825-1849, followed by First Invasion: The War of 1812, which was fabulous, both the tall ship footage and the reenactments of the burning of Washington and other battles.

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