April 15th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Longwood Gardens

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apaulled worked from home in the morning so we could go pick up his van when the compressor had finally been fixed. So after lunch, we drove together to the car repair place, and I drove home in my own van! Actually I didn't come straight home but stopped at World Market (which has discount UK Cadbury Easter eggs) and AC Moore (where I wanted to pick up a couple of inexpensive beads and ended up discovering knock-off Vera Bradley quilted handbags for $8, which can't compare to the originals in terms of the quality -- flimsy lining, no interior zip pockets -- but do a great job mimicking my favorite fabrics, including one in Pinwheel Pink colors. I also stuck my head in Filene's Basement but they didn't have anything very exciting, nor very inexpensive. Obviously I really needed to get out of the house!

In the evening, I got to have my long-delayed dinner with gblvr, whom I met at the local mall. Of course, in addition to catching up on gossip about kids, work, etc., this meant more shopping. We started out toward Old Navy to look for tank tops and sweaters, but got sidetracked in Bath & Body Works (which was giving away free antibacterial minis) and Brighton (which has dragonfly necklaces and new panda bear charms). I did get my tank tops, two for $12, and my latest addiction, Greenberry frozen yogurt with walnuts and blackberries. When I got home, apaulled had put on Thank God It's Friday which Turner Classics was showing for some ungodly reason. The comments from the kids were mostly "FAIL" and "MISERABLE FAILURE." So it must be accounted a good day! Here are some photos from Longwood Gardens last weekend:

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