April 18th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Countryside Tour

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After a quiet morning while Adam was working at Hebrew school and I was doing thrilling things like putting away laundry and reorganizing a closet, we went with my parents in the afternoon on the Countryside Artisans spring tour. We went first to Star Gazing Farm, which was having a shearing day, which was fun for us though apparently stressful for the sheep! The farm is a sanctuary for neglected and abused farm animals and has several goats, cows, a pig, a donkey, and a baby llama who seems to think he's one of the horses, plus chickens, including eight chicks less than a week old. The wool of the sheep being shorn was collected to be sold, plus there were demonstrations of spinning and weaving, but we spent most of our time there watching the tiny chicks sneaking under the wire of their pen and being clucked back in by their mother.

From there we went to Dancing Leaf Farm, which has a flock of sheep and the most beautiful yarn I've ever seen, and nearby Sugarloaf Studio, where Susan Due Pearcy had her Stonehenge prints for sale on inexpensive cards -- if I had the money I'd buy a set of the lithographs. We ended at Art of Fire, where we watched two of the artisans create a decorated tumbler from a blob of molten glass and talked for a bit with Foster Holcombe, who does glassblowing demonstrations at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. All of the artisans were serving cookies and drinks, so the kids ate a lot of snacks. Then Adam went to a birthday party at his favorite Indian restaurant, and the rest of us went to my parents' for pizza. In the evening we watched both "The Eleventh Hour" and "The Ultimate Guide" on BBC America; we'd seen the former before but we wanted to make sure Comcast registered that we were tuned in so they'll keep BBC America in the lineup, and the Doctor Who history was fun though I still have some reservations about Moffat and Smith.

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