April 20th, 2010


Poem for Tuesday, Alice and Cherry Blossoms

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I had an absolutely fabulous day with dementordelta! She arrived bright and early so we would have time to go see Alice in Wonderland before lunch -- unfortunately the early show wasn't in 3-D, but it still looked pretty awesome, and I'm really glad I saw it again on a big screen before the DVD (which I'm undoubtedly going to buy the day it comes out). I just adore Burton's version of the story -- I like that the focus never wavers from the women, mainly Alice but also the Queens, and that although Alice is completely fabulous in her unconventionality, the film isn't particularly critical of her mother or sister for trying to be happy within traditional expectations.

Since we were up in Gaithersburg, we then walked to Village Green House of Kabob and got hummus, falafel, and their excellent baklava to take back to my house. We ate it while continuing our ongoing Paul Gross Film Festival, which today included the two episodes of Eastwick that never aired on US television plus a bunch of Due South's third season, including the excellent and hilarious "Seeing Is Believing." After she went home, Paul fed me and the kids potatoes stuffed with spicy vegetable stew, then we watched the History Channel's show about secrets of the Founding Fathers, including their Masonic rituals and Benjamin Franklin's Hellfire Club membership.

I know I've been posting a lot of flowers recently, but it's the season for it -- and before it's too far past their original date, here are some more of the Kenwood neighborhood's cherry blossoms!

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