April 21st, 2010

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Star Gazing Farm

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It was a pretty uneventful Tuesday around here, though not a bad one. Every time I thought I was going to get out of the house, I ended up on the phone -- first with my aunt in California for more than an hour, catching up since I hadn't talked to her in forever, which was wonderful, and then with gblvr whom I get to see on Thursday which always makes me very happy. Otherwise, both kids came home with planning packets -- Daniel with his high school guidance office's preparing for college packet, which includes a long questionnaire for parents and an even longer one for him about his interests, goals, and skills, Adam with his four-year high school plan, which led to a discussion about how he wants to quit orchestra and take theater (which is all right with me; I wanted him to learn to read music and to see what it was like to make music with others, but he's not really interested in pursuing viola and I think he'll be a lot more interested in acting and tech both).

Glee...sigh. As usual, I loved the music and liked little else about it besides Jane Lynch. Okay, there were some lines that made me laugh -- Collapse ) -- yet even as they're singing about how they have to take more time appreciating what it feels like for a girl, the men are portrayed with more interest and more sympathy, and the virgin-whore dichotomy they've now set up really pisses me off. Okay, it's fun to see Collapse ), and there's no version of "Like a Prayer" that I'm not going to enjoy, but with the exception of Sue, who is a force unto herself, I have characters I only sort of like and characters I really dislike. It's the opposite of how I feel about, say, FlashForward, where even the characters whose behavior horrifies me don't make me cringe in disgust so much.

Some photos from Star Gazing Farm last weekend:

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