April 23rd, 2010


Poem for Friday and Ikebana

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My morning was really great -- everyone woke me up early including the cats, but rather than complain I decided to get out of bed and get the rare Superpoke Pets Earth Day items before they sold out. Then I answered e-mail and got some work done and went to meet gblvr at Caspian Kabob in Germantown, which has the best stuffed grape leaves in the area (and the best salmon kabobs, though I don't eat those any more), and excellent hummus as well. We sat and talked for more than two hours before we realized we were about to be late to pick up our kids.

So I started driving home, and noticed a little light had appeared on my dashboard. What is it with Thursdays and my minivan? I called my Toyota dealer, who said I needed to bring it in at once since that was the engine warning light and it was going to cost $120 just to have the engine looked at even though the van was in not two weeks ago at which point they were supposed to have looked at the engine when they fixed the air conditioning. I made Paul come home early so he could drive me home from the dealer, who concluded that the problem was that the gas cap was loose. (We haven't put gas in the van since last Saturday and we're quite sure the gas cap was tight then.) Anyway, the little light went off, the van was declared safe to drive, and at least it didn't cost us anything since the engine did not in fact require work.

Evening television started with the first round of the NFL draft, which we turned off just after the Redskins picked Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams, who seems universally to be lauded as a good choice. I wonder whether anyone is left at Oklahoma at all, since it seems like their entire team went in the first round -- three of the first four picks! We watched FlashForward, which offered me the good news that not only are we going to have a woman president in the very near future, but that the world is NOT going to end in 2012. Then we watched Next Gen's "Tapestry" so I can review it tomorrow; the kids agreed that it is not a good as "The Inner Light" but still enjoyable, which is pretty good praise. Every week older son reads me TV Tropes about Star Trek while we watch, as if his generation is the first to think of these things.

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