April 24th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and More Ikebana

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I have absolutely no explanation of what happened to my morning; I was downstairs by 8:30 but I didn't start working on my "Tapestry" until lunchtime. I did a bit of cleaning up and tried, unsuccessfully, to repair the clasp on a necklace (apparently I am not adept enough to use small pliers) assisted by too many cats. I did a bit of research for Adam, who is looking for a good free/inexpensive video editor that works with MOV files, or conversely a good free/inexpensive program to convert MOV to AVI. And I did a bit of research for myself on scanners -- I still need one, since there is no driver in the world that will make mine work with Windows 7 -- and on where to buy vegan calcium citrate, since I can't tell the source of calcium in the vitamins I currently take.

We had dinner with my parents, then came home for Smallville, which sometimes seems to be turning into Heroes with its big supporting cast and people with powers not trusting each other, but there was lots of Lois, which I liked, though for the most part it was relationship stuff instead of her kicking butt, which I didn't like so much. Then we watched a BBC production of The Mikado because Daniel's high school is performing it this weekend and we're going to see it Saturday night -- as with all productions, there were some hilarious bits and some utterly cringe-worthy bits. The Redskins had no draft picks on Friday, having traded them for Donovan McNabb, but the Ravens took Texas linebacker Sergio Kindle in the second round and last night everyone thought he should have been picked sooner, plus they got defensive tackle Terrence Cody and tight end Ed Dickson, so that's good news.

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