April 26th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Monday and Rockville Science Day

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Rain had been forecast for Sunday, but after a bit of drizzle in the morning, the sun came out around lunchtime, so after finishing our eggs and pancakes, we left as quickly as we could. Our destination was Lake Whetstone in Gaithersburg, which at this time of year often has goslings, and we were not disappointed -- we saw our first goslings in a patch of grass near the Lakeforest Mall parking lot! And we saw more almost as soon as we arrived at the lake, though the geese appeared to be having a territorial squabble; a group of them hissed at a pair with goslings and chased them partway across the lake. Fortunately, there is a lot of territory to cover -- the central island is home to several enormous heron nests and dozens of turtles, plus plenty of honking Canada geese, some mallards, and a few cormorants.

We walked all the way around the lake, which requires fording a creek in two spots, beginning and ending at the boat house which is still closed at this time of year. Then we headed to Montgomery College for Rockville Science Day, where we spent most of our time in the gym, which houses the Nature and Environment exhibits (Daniel wanted nothing to do with the Engineering and Technology building, probably afraid he'd run into someone he knew at the FIRST Robotics table). There were several displays with live animals, including a local pet store at an exhibit on research for pets, a group showing off their homing pigeons, a local nature center offering buckets of dirt with worms, an environmental exhibit on the health of local creek critters, and Reptile Wonders of the World.

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We stopped in The Container Store on the way home and Adam is now rearranging his room with his new plastic bins. For dinner, Paul made Moroccan saute with chick peas, corn, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, cinnamon, and curry over couscous (he also baked bread, though our brand new breadmaker tried to kill itself by jumping off the counter and will be set on the floor from now on during the mixing stages). I couldn't bring myself to watch Desperate Housewives even for John Barrowman, so we watched The Tudors in its actual time slot, which is admittedly no more virtuous though overall though I think the acting is much better and it's beautiful to look at. They've made Thomas Culpeper so despicable that I can't feel remotely sorry for him and Catherine Howard is simply too stupid to live, which I'm sure was the intention; it will be interesting to see if Lady Rochford meets the same fate on the series that she did in life. Now we're having the massive thunderstorms that very kindly held off till evening, so I had better post this while I can!