May 2nd, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Sheep & Wool Festival

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As soon as we retrieved Adam from volunteering at Hebrew school, we drove up to Howard County to meet Paul's parents at the fairground for the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Apart from the incompetence of the local police as traffic cops -- they sent everyone arriving from Montgomery County past the parking lot, forcing them to U-turn more than a mile away and circle back through terrible traffic rather than simply letting people make left turns, delaying us more than half an hour and causing us to miss nearly all of Maggie Sansone's performance on hammered dulcimer -- it was a lovely afternoon. We had a picnic in the shade by the performance tent, then we walked around the barns to admire both the sheep and the products made with their wool (though it was very disconcerting to have lamb kabobs for sale right next to stalls with bleating lambs). Adam made a "techno sheep" video of some of the sheep.

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Since we arrived late, we stayed until after 5 p.m., looking at the judged craft show with my in-laws and visiting the tents of Dancing Leaf Farm and Tuatha, whose crafts we usually see on the Countryside Artisans Tour. We came home in time for a late dinner, since Daniel needed to study for AP exams, and we all watched "Victory of the Daleks," which I found very entertaining -- it's definitely the fluffiest Doctor Who episode in years, but I also haven't laughed that much during an episode in years, so if it's a change of pace rather than what Eleven's run is going to be like, it's all right with me. Collapse ) Now we're watching the Times Square bomb scare unfolding on MSNBC, which is scarier than Daleks. Hope everyone I know up there is all right and finding a place to sleep if necessary!