May 6th, 2010

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Poem for Thursday and Lake Whetstone Wildlife

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I had a day of chores and schlepping, since we are going to New York this weekend for one family event and Boston next weekend for another family event (so you will please have to excuse short and shallow entries for the next few days). I had laundry to fold and pantyhose to purchase, then after school I had to take Adam to the orthodontist for what was supposed to be a quick retainer check but the orthodontist was running a solid hour late. (Daniel meanwhile had a morning calculus AP exam, then a lunch date with his girlfriend, so he was perfectly happy to stay on the other side of the county and take the bus home hours after the test.) While Adam was stuck in the waiting room, I went to the Hallmark store to pick up Mother's Day cards for friends and to Borders to buy Adam Michio Kaku's Hyperspace, since he is enjoying Parallel Worlds and having interesting conversations about the nature of the universe(s). I also stopped at my mom's to pick up the kids' shirts for the Bar Mitzvah and borrow a purse, since I don't have a dress purse that can hold my phone and camera at the same time.

Speaking of parallel worlds, after Paul made dinner for Cinco de Mayo consisting of veggie chili, corn bread, and the same low-sodium cheese dip with baked nachos that he made for the Super Bowl, we watched Doctor Who's "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone" -- we won't be in town when BBC America shows either one and this may very well be our last free night where we don't have some event or someone doesn't have an AP or HSA exam to study for, though both kids tell me their English teachers have already seen the episodes as they are both big fans. This may be sacrilege to Doctor fans, but I'm liking the women on the series so far much better than I'm liking Eleven -- I really thought Amy would be too young and too, well, kissogram to hold my interest but I was totally wrong. Collapse )

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