May 7th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Gardens of Oz

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My day mostly consisted of chores -- stuff in the house in the morning, then running out for various things we need to bring. In the afternoon I took Adam to tennis, then we all went out afterward to get haircuts. The Hair Cuttery was empty except for another family (mom and three kids) so since there were available stylists, I had the one I've gone to the past few times color my gray hair. I feel totally ambivalent about this -- Collapse )

Anyway, we got home later than we intended and ate dinner (veggie korma and Jaipur vegetables, yay) while watching FlashForward. I don't think it is risking spoilers to declare without a cut tag that I agree with Gabriel that Lloyd and Olivia should be together -- Lloyd is way less self-absorbed than Mark, and personally I would also take Jack Davenport over Joseph Fiennes any day. Also, Bryce and Nicole need to forget about their flash forwards and go be happy together, now. And I am hoping Collapse )

Thing Two has managed to lose the belt my mother bought him not a week ago somewhere in his room (which he recently cleaned, but stuck things he didn't want in various garbage and give-away bags). So I need to go take the house apart to find it. Since Superpoke Pets had Wizard of Oz plushies in the SPP shop this morning, it reminded me that the Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore had Wizard of Oz paintings among the flowers when we visited it in April. Oh good, and son has found the belt. *flops*

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