May 8th, 2010


Greetings from Armonk

We're in a motel not far from where my sister lives in anticipation of her oldest daughter's Bat Mitzvah tomorrow evening, after a hellacious drive to Baltimore where the traffic was so bad that we bailed on the harbor tunnels and took the Baltimore beltway around the city, which was at least interesting because we haven't taken that route since my in-laws moved from Connecticut nearly ten years ago. We stopped for dinner at the Maryland House since we hadn't gotten nearly as far as we'd hoped by nearly 7 p.m. -- that is, we were not in New Jersey!

But traffic was fine the rest of the trip and we only got mildly lost in Westchester. I finished my review of "Birthright, Part Two" before we left, and tomorrow we're hoping to go sightseeing in Sleepy Hollow with my college roommate before we need to get dressed up for family photos. Here are a few photos of bridges along the way, taken through car windows so sorry about the glare and distortions:

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