May 13th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Sleepy Hollow History

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My Wednesday was not a lot more exciting than my Tuesday. At lunchtime I ran out to Kohl's because I had $10 in Kohl's bucks that had to be used by the end of the week and I knew I wouldn't get there Thursday or Friday; it was astonishingly crowded for a weekday late morning, but I had a nice conversation with a great-grandmother while in line to pay for my $9 shirt and super-glittery multicolor rhinestone watch (yes of course I needed it and anyway with the Kohl's bucks it was practically free). Then I got home and discovered that I had somehow cracked my wedding ring -- I didn't even know gold could snap like that, though it's been resized twice so at this point I have no idea what's been done to the metal. I really hope I can get it fixed and returned before we go to Boston, but there's no way I'd risk wearing it without getting it repaired.

In the afternoon I folded laundry while watching Julie and Julia, which I figured I would enjoy despite the fact that I hate to cook and never in a million years would I boil a live lobster or bone a duck. I really enjoyed Meryl Streep's performance as Julia Child, though I don't always love Streep; I really found Julie Powell self-centered, pretentious, and all the things her husband called her before they reconciled, though I usually do love Amy Adams. It was a diverting way to spend a couple of hours while doing chores but I wasn't sorry I missed it in the movie theater. For dinner Paul made spicy Ethiopian red lentil stew (I'd requested more beans and lentils, since my doctor told me I need to get more iron in my diet and apparently even spinach is iffy). And I watched the delightful Cameron/Clegg press conference and read five different articles analyzing their bromance -- even better than erstwhile Kerry/Edwards.

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