May 15th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Chorus Concert

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My Friday was entirely taken up with writing a review of Next Gen's not-very-good "Starship Mine" and getting ready for Daniel's final chorus concert -- certainly of the year, but possibly ever, since he doesn't have room for chorus in his schedule next year and the teacher who has directed the chamber choir throughout Daniel's high school years (and for many years previously) is retiring from public school teaching to work in a church. So it was very nice, but bittersweet -- we went with my parents, my mother having given up attending a service at temple honoring long-time teachers so she could hear Daniel sing.

A massive thunderstorm with hail and high winds hit right as we arrived at the high school, though that part of the county was spared the worst. The school is having a fine arts festival which has included concerts by the orchestra, bands, and other musical groups, plus an art show that was open in the media center when we arrived, with the award-winning entries around the auditorium. We got to hear the guitar ensemble and a cappella singing groups in addition to the choir -- some Bach, some Spanish guitar, some Michael Jackson, some Gwen Stefani. They gave roses to all the seniors and a big bunch of flowers to the retiring teacher. Here are a few photos of the concert:

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