May 16th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Great Falls

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Our intention for several weeks had been to be in Boston on Saturday night, so we had no plans set for the day once we realized that there was no way we could drive to Massachusetts and have Daniel back in time for his class presentation on Monday. In the morning, we went to the Hebrew school where my mother has taught for 18 years and where she was being honored -- there was supposed to be a ceremony at the synagogue on Friday night, but my mother missed it to come hear Daniel sing at the choir concert, so they had a blessing at the Hebrew school Shabbat service and a cake with the other teachers and one of the rabbis afterward. Adam has been her aide all year, so he was recognized as well. This was the last Saturday on which there will be Hebrew school at this synagogue, since next year the upper and lower schools will both meet on Sunday, so it was a bit of a nostalgic event for everyone.

After lunch, we talked about taking both kids to Great Falls, but Adam was invited by a friend to go see Iron Man 2 so we ended up going just with Daniel and took a nice walk, first out to the island, where we saw herons fishing in the Potomac River, then down the C&O Canal towpath for a mile or so, where we saw lots of turtles and geese and more herons. It smelled like honeysuckle everywhere and it was beautiful and cool in the shade. As we left, a bunch of emergency vehicles went past us and spread out near the Billy Goat Trail, but we never heard what had happened. We did get to see the canal boat heading up toward the lock -- mules pull it through and costumed interpreters tell passengers about life on the canal two hundred years ago. Plus there were more than a dozen goslings.

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In the evening after Paul made dinner to celebrate the Preakness, which I did not watch, partly because horse racing revolts me and partly because there was a horse named after Todd Palin who was favored to place -- veggie "crab cakes" made from zucchini and Old Bay seasoning, barbecued black-eyed peas -- we caught up on Doctor Who. The previews and early press on "Amy's Choice" made me think I really would not like the episode, but I actually did, though it also really made me miss Martha Jones -- Collapse )