May 18th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Flights of Fancy

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It was a quiet Monday around here -- I had to wait for UPS to come pick up a package, which of course they didn't do till lunchtime (a Tarot deck I got as a gift that was missing several cards and had several other duplicated; this is the third deck published by Llewellyn that I've had a problem with, if it happens again I'm never buying from them again even though they publish decks by some of my favorite Tarot artists like Lisa Hunt and Stephanie Pui-mun Law, they should take more pride in their artists' work if not their customers' satisfaction). I got several loads of laundry washed while waiting, at least, and futzed around on Facebook chatting with people.

It wasn't a terribly eventful evening, either; Paul made "meatloaf" with veggie "meat" that three of us thought was great and older son refused to eat, then we all watched the last two episodes of Smallville from this season, which we had missed while driving to New York and attending older son's chorus concert. I've been very happy with the women's roles on the show this season -- sure, they spend a lot of time agonizing over their romantic relationships, but Clark, Oliver, and even Zod have as well, so it's not like there's a sexist double standard, and they've all been nicely complicated for comic book characters. Collapse ) Some photos from the butterfly exhibit at Brookside Gardens:

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