May 19th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Ducklings

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I met vertigo66 for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, where we shared hummus and had salads and discussed important matters like the Smallville season finale and the latest spate of TV cancellations (FlashForward wasn't a surprise, but I'm still bummed -- it's one of my favorite casts ever). It was a drizzly day and I accidentally parked in the wrong lot, thinking we were meeting at the Corner Bakery, but it was worth the walk around the lake because I got to see both goslings and ducklings after a spring with no babies last year, for which we suspect the Washingtonian management was responsible.

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I liked Glee a lot this week, for a change -- not because of anything Joss Whedon did or the Neil Patrick Harris guest appearance, but because of the not-often-featured regulars and a couple of little things that rang my bells. Collapse ) After a very sucky 26-56 season, the Washington Wizards have scored the top overall pick in the NBA draft. I'm hoping they will pick someone who turns out to be an inspiration rather than a dud or a jerk.