May 25th, 2010

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Poem for Tuesday, Robin Hood and Chicks

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dementordelta came up on Monday to see Robin Hood with me! We loved it -- the screenplay had some flaws and the pacing was a bit slow at the start, but it picked up quite a bit in the second half in terms of both the action and the humor, and the acting was enjoyable throughout. Collapse ) The history is crack, but keep in mind that this is coming from someone who watches The Tudors so obviously that doesn't ruin things for me. And it's certainly no sillier than the Costner version, which we decided after we stopped for samosas and crepes that we really needed to watch because the Sheriff of Nottingham in the new film doesn't hold a candle to Alan Rickman, despite having similar hair -- he lacks both The Voice and a good sense of humor ("Call off Christmas!" and "I'm going to cut your heart out with a spoon!" are the two best lines in Prince of Thieves). Watching Costner definitely made us appreciate Crowe; I'm sure someone is going to tell me that Russell doesn't quite nail the Midlands accent, but Costner sounds about the same in Prince of Thieves and J.F.K. (and really, since Slater's Will Scarlet sounds American too and Connery's Richard the Lionheart sounds like he only just left Scotland, I don't see how people can be too nasty about Costner).

Adam made this very funny video for a science project. We had homemade pad thai and yellow curry tofu for dinner, not that I was very hungry after the crepes, and watched MythBusters episodes on the Discovery Channel about alien solar systems and the varieties of moons in our own solar system. I inherited a friend's Superpoke Pet and did a bit of fiddling on that site, so I had little time to play with photos, though dementordelta and I did walk a bit around the lake near the movie theater looking for ducklings and goslings (we saw geese and ducks, but not babies), so here is a chicken and her chicks from Star Gazing Farm last month: