May 26th, 2010

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Poem for Wednesday and Masonic Temple

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I had a nice afternoon with gblvr after a morning of work and chores -- we went to Tara Thai, where I had panang tofu which is one of my favorite things, then we went to Target, where the remaining spring Liberty of London dresses were on sale for $7 including the very pretty Martha Grace halter dresses. We were very girly and looked at the new little black dress Barbies, too. Again I didn't see any goslings or ducklings, but we didn't walk much by the water; I did see enormous koi out in the middle of the lake, and by the time I left, the morning drizzle had turned into a beautiful afternoon.

I loved the musical numbers on Glee this week but I really didn't like the rest of the episode all that much. For one thing, a week without a Sue Sylvester zinger is like a week without spicy chili lime cashews. For another, as much as I adore Kurt's father and would move in with him if I was Finn's mother in a heartbeat, I have had it out the wazoo with Finn and Rachel and am dying to see more of just about anyone else. Collapse ) I try to make myself like Rachel because she's Jewish the same way I try to make myself like Kurt because he's gay, yet my degree of irritation, given the over-the-top way they're both characterized, makes me think the writers are actively trying to make us give more of a shit about Noah and Finn and it's not just the way the comedy crumbles. Cutesy stereotypes can be just as damaging as nasty stereotypes.

Some more photos from the House of the Temple, headquarters of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry in the Southern Jurisdiction, in Washington DC:

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