May 30th, 2010

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Our original plan for Saturday was to go to Mount Vernon for the sheep-shearing festival there, but it was drizzly and we needed to get the bridge on Adam's viola repaired at the shop in Gaithersburg, so we decided to put that off till Monday and instead went shopping for a bunch of things Adam wanted so he can make more movies -- lamps, a green screen -- plus cat litter and other necessities. Since we were in Gaithersburg, we also went to Bohrer Park, where we walked around the pond and saw a heron, songbirds, turtles, ducks, and two goose families with goslings, then we went to Rio and walked around Washingtonian Lake where we saw ducklings (I think the ones I saw the other day, though there are only three now, which makes me sad, and still no sign of a mother -- the one female duck in the area kept chasing them away). Daniel went along with this because we got him blue raspberry ice.

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For our evening entertainment, we watched The Special Relationship on HBO. I know my British friends will probably lose all respect for me for my crush on movie!Tony Blair and especially movie!Cherie Blair, who is my favorite character in the Fictional Recent British History films -- I blame Michael Sheen and Helen McCrory, though I thought Dennis Quaid and especially Hope Davis were very good as the Clintons. It feels a lot like reading RPF to watch movies about people who are alive and aware of the stories being told about them, so I don't mind noting that the screenwriters are deliberately naughty (Cherie to Tony: "Before you develop too much of a crush, remember that your visionary is the President of the United States.") It's fun, but it's also interesting to remember how much we over here adored Blair when our press was presenting him to us as Kosovo's champion and Ireland's peace-broker; we didn't get the coverage of the political showboating that apparently made him unpopular in Britain even before Bush's war finished him. Collapse )