May 31st, 2010


Poem for Memorial Day and Virginia Renfaire

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We spent a very lovely albeit very, very warm Sunday at the Virginia Renaissance Faire with dementordelta and her friend Lin and my friend Annmarie and her friend Cindy. I met Annmarie online in Star Trek: Voyager fandom almost 15 years ago and have met her in person several times in various cities when she wasn't deployed overseas, but now she is in a program at an army base near Richmond, so for the first time since I've known her, she and I are living in the same part of the U.S.! It was so hot that I only partially got into garb -- I wanted a shorter skirt and no corduroy anywhere -- but Delta and Annmarie both looked fabulous. The Virginia Renfaire is at Lake Anna Winery and is much smaller than the Maryland and Pennsylvania faires, with no jousting field or permanent buildings, and both times we've been there it's been beastly hot, so we tried to stay in the shade -- musicians on the Tavern Stage, greyhounds in their tent, plus merchants in the woods behind the main field where the food and games are set up. Sadly, the joust had been called off, and Cindy wasn't feeling very well, but we had Mediterranean food and got to hear the Dandy Pirates, whom we saw at the Pennsylvania Renfaire last year, and HoneyMeade, who were performing while we ate lunch, so it was a fun afternoon in addition to getting to see several friends.

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In the evening we watched the National Memorial Day Concert from the Capitol, which had some decent music, some bathos, some really moving tributes, and some raging cliches, just like last year's -- at least the quotient of Broadway performers was higher and of country music stars was lower. Then we watched the Doctor Who "Hungry Earth/Cold Blood" two-parter. Maybe I'm just overtired from the Renfaire, but it failed to move me, and I really like Collapse ) Beyond all that, I intensely dislike the Doctor when he gets sanctimonious with people about what counts as "the best of humanity" -- he isn't human, and from what I've seen he isn't typical of Gallifreyans, so it pisses me off watching him sitting in judgment of desperate individuals and their weaknesses in a way that it never bothered me when Kirk started lecturing aliens on how they should treat each other or Picard started blathering about the stupidity of religion. I tolerated the attitude from Nine because that Doctor was so obviously in pain and talking to himself as much as anyone else, but didn't like it much when Ten did it, and Eleven still seems like such an upstart to me that I just want to tell him to shut up. I guess I am not the best humanity has to offer, but I don't much care because I stopped taking him and his agony seriously around the time Donna Noble left the TARDIS.