June 4th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Bohrer Park Wildlife

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I had a really nice lunch and early afternoon with gblvr, eating crepes in the mall, doing a bit of browsing in shops, then coming back to my house and watching Alice in Wonderland (again!) on the theory that we'd both seen it before so it wouldn't matter if we didn't have time to watch the whole thing, though we ended up watching the whole thing anyway. Then things degenerated -- it started to rain, I had to drive younger son to tennis and drop off his Hebrew school volunteer forms so he can get credit for the hours, and Google Docs decided that I was not allowed to read any of my own documents that I had created and uploaded from my primary e-mail address -- it would show me the names of the documents on the list of all documents I own and can access, but when I clicked on them it would announce that I was not authorized to view that document.

I ended up having to uninstall Google Gears, which removes my access to offline mail as well as offline docs. That let me see the documents online. Then when I tried to reinstall Google Gears just for mail, having told Google Docs to disable my offline access, the offline access wouldn't turn off and I couldn't see my documents again, even after much cache-clearing. So I am very frustrated and lost a huge number of hours battling the laptop just to see my own documents (most of which are saved in draft form on my desktop, but when I'm away from the desktop on my laptop, that doesn't help). I know, on a global scale this is minor, but it really screwed up my late afternoon and still isn't resolved. We watched a Star Trek episode I need to review on Friday in the evening, then as much of the Celtics-Lakers game as we could get in before Jon Stewart's nightly blasting of Glenn Beck.

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