June 9th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Washingtonian Afternoon

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I had a very nice Tuesday with friends -- first lunch with vertigo66 at Tara Thai, then a walk around Washingtonian Lake, and by the time I got to Target, perkypaduan was in that part of town and joined me. Since the news depressed me so much on Monday, I avoided reading about the Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East and instead focused on the good news that kids raised in lesbian households are comfortable and well-adjusted (CNN), and on new Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg, who set a Nationals single-game record for strikeouts and actually lived up to his advance hype (WashPost). Here are photos of the goslings at Washingtonian -- I was across the lake from them and only had the little camera, but they're adorable even from a distance, plus one more photo of the ducklings from a couple of weeks ago since I didn't see them this time:

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Evening TV, of course, was the season finale of Glee. I think next season my policy may be to mute the sound except when there is obviously a musical number going on, because as much as I enjoy the songs, that's how infuriating I find the characterizations particularly of the female characters and nearly always the people of color. If I wanted to watch a show about how white guys like Will and Finn are really wonderful, I'd watch...well, pretty much any other show on television. In fact, the preview for that Will Arnett-Keri Russell show looked more promising than anything I expect from Glee next season. Collapse )