June 14th, 2010


Poem for Monday and Battle of Bull Run

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It was another very hot day in the DC area with thunderstorms forecast for the afternoon, but we decided we could take a bit of weather and continued our Civil War theme for the weekend, going to Manassas National Battlefield Park (or Bull Run Battlefield if you prefer the Union designation -- apparently the National Park Service decided that since the South won both battles fought there, it should keep the Confederate name). There is both a large lighted map presentation illustrating the 1861 battle and a 45-minute film narrated by Richard Dreyfuss about both the 1861 and 1862 battles, so we were indoors for more than an hour before we headed out to walk the mile-long loop trail past the rebuilt Henry House, where an elderly civilian woman was killed in the fighting, and the Stone House, used as a hospital, as well as the remains of the Robinson House and some of the lines of artillery. We could see storm clouds gathering while we walked and it had begun to drizzle by the time we reached Stonewall Jackson's monument.

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We made a brief stop at Kohl's in Manassas for the Father's Day sale, during which time it poured outside, though the sun was shining by the time we left. My parents invited us over for bagels and various salads, so we had dinner with them, then came home to watch the Tony Awards, which were moderately entertaining though I've had less and less interest in the new musicals (the revivals always look and sound much better to me) and some of the awards seemed so obviously to have been presented to Actor or Actress Famous Enough to Fill a Theatre that I wondered why they pretend it's supposed to be about skill. It's always fun to watch anything that's such a celebration of gay life and culture, though -- I loved watching three men in a row thank their male partners, and Sean Hayes and Kristen Chenoweth poking fun at Newsweek by demonstrating their chemistry, tongues and all (Hayes, the host, said that since Broadway is a welcoming community, he'd like to send a shout-out to any closeted right wing politicians watching the show in secret). Collapse )