June 18th, 2010

green little review

Placeholder for Friday

I know I am failing at blogging this week, and it's just going to get worse because we're going to the beach on Saturday! I had a relatively domestic day -- took my kids and their friend out for crepes, which we were supposed to do on Wednesday in honor of the last day of school but which got rained out when the closet flooded, then came home and got done various pre-travel chores that I knew I wouldn't finish the next two evenings because I was at con.txt for the meet-and-greet and am going back Friday for Disco Duck. The lovely dementordelta drove me up, and I hung out with her and rhaegal and sor_bet, plus I finally got to meet cordelia_v and to see gblvr and barbana and gnomads and rubyrosered and other people I am undoubtedly forgetting (and a couple of other people who may wish to remain anonymous here though I have not forgotten that I owe one of them a drink!). So congratulations to Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, and I am off to bed!