June 19th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Manassas 10 Years Apart

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Another rushed post because I was out celebrating with fangirls -- first at the Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring, which was ridiculously fun and even had live music by costumed pirates before we left -- "we" being myself, dementordelta, rhaegal, rubyrosered, sor_bet and perkypaduan, then at con.txt's Disco Duck, where I did not dance but chatted with lots of people, ate excellent British chocolate, and played with rubber fishies.

The rest of my day was less exciting -- writing a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Rightful Heir", waiting for the roof inspector (who can't tell us anything conclusive till he runs it by our insurance), and packing for North Carolina. I have photos from the Piratz Tavern but really have to go to bed so I can get up and get on the road, so they must wait till tomorrow! Meanwhile, a study in contrasts -- photos of Adam at Bull Run taken a decade apart:

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