June 30th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Ant Colony

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On Tuesday, Adam got to have the miniature golf outing that got interrupted by rain on Monday -- and to visit the pool and waterslides at Bohrer Park -- so he had a good afternoon, followed by an excellent evening since my parents gave him his birthday present early...a Samsung HMX-20C camcorder, which he has been learning to use all evening. Daniel did not have such an enjoyable afternoon since I dragged him shopping with me and to pick up a freecycle penguin needlepoint kit, but he had plans in the evening to meet with vertigo66's husband about their summer engineering project and his Gmail status earlier had said that his research mentor was awesome, so I assume that means he was looking forward to it.

All I did worth remembering was to buy two new sports bras on sale at Kohl's, plus a replacement pair of $6 flip-flops since one of mine went missing somewhere between North Carolina and home, and a very silly anniversary present for Paul (it'll be 20 years on Thursday). I need to come up with a slightly-less-silly gift by then but it won't be tomorrow morning since I have to go have bloodwork done, bleh. At least I now have definitive plans to see Twilight on Thursday with my friends, probably accompanied by Adam and one of his friends, though they don't want to sit with us! Here are some photos of the wonderful above-ground ant hill at the Durham Museum of Life & Science:

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