July 2nd, 2010

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Poem for Friday, Eclipse and IONA

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I had a fairly romantic twentieth anniversary, though I spent the first half of it with my friends and Adam, who with his friend came with me and gblvr to Tara Thai for lunch before perkypaduan joined all of us to see Twilight: Eclipse. I don't have a lot to say about the movie other than it's about as mediocre as the previous two; you will not see major feminist rants about the franchise here because I haven't read the books and I don't find the films any more offensive than many celebrated movies and TV shows, though I wish someone who is not a protective parent or a stalker boyfriend would sit down and talk to Bella about not making stupid, irrevocable choices as a teenager, and I wish the series itself were not so invested in the idea that self-sacrificial is the bravest thing a woman can be, though Harry Potter promotes the same idea so it's not like that's an automatic reason for me to boycott. I like that the story, at least, centers on a girl, though I wore my "Team Buffy" button and wished Bella had a little vampire slayer in her.

My father took Daniel -- who IS boycotting Twilight, and it's not like I can complain about that, either -- out to lunch and to play miniature golf, then picked up Adam so that Paul and I could go out to dinner and to see IONA at Lake Anne in Reston, Virginia. We went to Roti Grill, which serves halal food from the Silk Road regions -- hummus, samosas, paneer, tikka -- and ate it out by the lake on the folding chairs we had brought for the concert. IONA played many of the songs they did when we saw them in the winter -- "Hills Of Connemara," "Bachgen Bach o Dincer," "V'la le bon vent" -- and Kathleen Larrick was dancing with them (she and Bernard Argent led audience members in the pinkie dance). I got Salvadoran huevitos de colores from the bodega next door to the community center and we had them for dessert. Paul got me a scanner as an anniversary present -- my old one hasn't worked since I got a computer with Windows 7, and this one can scan film negatives, which is a huge plus!

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