July 3rd, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Beach Memories

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Poem in honor of the fact that we watched Bright Star on cable: beautifully filmed, well-acted, script a bit deadly earnest (Keats has a sense of humor in his poems, he must have had one in life), gorgeous images of Hampstead. Keats isn't my favorite Romantic and I don't have strong beliefs about how he should be characterized -- I am perfectly willing to entertain wild speculation like Ken Russell's Gothic or Highlander's "The Modern Prometheus" -- but it's worth watching on a quiet evening.

Most of the day was taken up with writing a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Second Chances" and transporting Daniel to his annual torture session, excuse me, medical exam, where he was subjected to a hepatitis booster shot, a hearing test, questions about sex and drugs (I wasn't in the room for those), and other humiliating forms of abuse that only a parent who doesn't love her child would permit. My kids do not appreciate it when I point out that every year I had to have a hemoglobin test -- finger-stabbing hurt more than shots -- and a TB skin test, so they have no business complaining.

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