July 8th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Monticello

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On Wednesday I got to have lunch with a friend I haven't seen in more than a decade -- someone I met in Star Trek: Voyager fandom when she was around Daniel's age, who has since gone to college, gotten married, had a child, and become an occupational therapist, so it was really wonderful to see her! She was staying with relatives in Poolesville, so we met at Tara Thai in Gaithersburg, after which I went to the shop from which we've rented Adam's violin to get it restrung since we will own the instrument after the next payment at which point all care and repair costs become our own, but the shop is closed for the entire week. So I took the kids to the mall, got them Greenberry frozen yogurt and bought Adam an extra battery for his camera since the one he has keeps claiming to be more fully charged than it is and dying on him in places where he wants to take photos.

We came home in the early afternoon and watched the Spain-Germany match in the World Cup with the sound turned way down so we wouldn't have to hear the vuvuzelas (though apparently Adam's best friend has ordered one on the internet, so we are doomed). After Spain won, younger son went to the pool while I waited for an adjuster from the company that's going to repair our roof after the closet leak of a few weeks ago -- he said they can do the whole thing next Wednesday, so let's hope that's true. We also have someone from a different company coming on Thursday to fix the washing machine, yay! After dinner we caught up on last week's Futurama, which was hilarious -- the EyePhone, hee -- and that's all the excitement here. The Washington Post this morning mentioned that British-born actress Tracey Ullman spoke at the naturalization ceremony at Monticello on July 4th, so here are photos from the day before:

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