July 9th, 2010

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Poem for Friday and Monticello's History

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Most of what I accomplished on Thursday took place before 9 in the morning. Tiara Galleries, the biggest local Vera Bradley shop, was having an event to unveil the new fall patterns and giving away zip ID cases just for visiting, and since my beloved Pinwheel Pink case is looking a bit worn and I love the new Very Berry Paisley pattern, there was no way I was missing that. I didn't think it would be too crowded shortly after 8 a.m. but there were lots of people, plus bagels, cupcakes, cookies, etc. I am nervous because it looks like the bucket tote is being phased out in favor of other bags, and it's the perfect size for me -- none of the new patterns is available in that design. But the salespeople were very friendly, and afterward I went to Trader Joe's, which was as empty both inside and in the parking lot as I have ever seen it, yay!

My glasses were already fogging with the heat when I walked out of the air conditioning to drive home, so it was just as well I had to spend the rest of the day indoors out of the heat. Our washing machine is now fixed -- we found a local company much faster and friendlier than Sears, and it cost about what we were expecting -- and they arrived right when they said they would. Adam went to the pool in the afternoon while Daniel worked on his summer project and I set up and played with my new scanner, which also entailed cleaning off my desk, sorting papers from three years ago, deciding I really don't need to save my serial port Zip drive, things like that.

We were very happy to hear that a Massachusetts judge ruled the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, and that the Presbyterian Church has decided to welcome gay clergy. Futurama echoed that theme in this evening's episode with its defense of "robosexuals," which I'm sure someone is going to tell me offended them but I thought it was hilarious and timely -- Collapse ) I didn't watch the publicity machine, but apparently I didn't need to because Jon Stewart just explained that LeBron James has joined Team Jacob -- hahahaha!

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