July 13th, 2010


Poem for Tuesday and Human Origins

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Monday's big excitement involved going to get Daniel's new glasses after he got his prescription changed at the ophthalmologist last week, meaning that I took the kids to the mall, which had its emergency generators on when we arrived even though the afternoon rainstorms had only just started. We looked at glasses for as short a period as Daniel could get away with (he wanted the first pair of glasses he looked at, and didn't want to try on any others), got him measured, found out they could make the glasses in an hour, and went to get us all frozen yogurt, only to have Daniel insist on Haagen Dazs instead. We looked to see whether Gamestop had some Shin Megami Tensei game that Daniel wants, the kids played with iPads in the Apple store, I sniffed the new Forever Sunshine perfume at Bath & Body Works (I prefer the summer lemon vanilla and wish they'd make that permanently available), we went back to pick up the glasses, and on the way home we stopped at CVS for such exciting items as mouthwash and floss.

Adam's friend had been in Niagara Falls last week and came over in the afternoon while I was reorganizing various things, and in the course of conversation it came out that he had just watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on television but had never seen Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so we told him we'd watch that after dinner. I helped Adam upload new files for his web site and the two of them collected llamas on DeviantArt while we watched. (Adam would like a llama if you have an account there; he is blepfo and his friend is dracken18.) Daniel has learned that there is a copy of the game he wants at a Silver Spring Gamestop and I have told him that I will take him on Tuesday provided he works on college essays -- I just hope these torrential thunderstorms have stopped by then and Adam can go to the pool for a while!

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