July 18th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Colonial Market Fair

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On Saturday we got up and went to Claude Moore Colonial Farm for the summer Colonial Market Fair, which the farm hosts three times a year, though we've always gone in the spring before. We missed the sheep-shearing this May and there are two-week-old piglets currently at the farm, children of April the Ossabaw Island hog, so we wanted to get there for this one. It was extremely hot in the sun, but the market area is shaded and there are lots of tents with vendors selling 18th century clothing, handmade soap, wool, pottery, stationery, inkwells, cutlery, toys, jewelry, and other items that would have been available in Virginia in the 1700s. There are also craftspeople on the site, including carpenters, joiners, weavers, basket-makers, bookbinders, and a blacksmith, plus people cooking chickens over an open fire and corn in cauldrons, squeezing lemonade, slicing cheese, and pouring beer. The farm itself has sheep, geese, and several other animals in addition to the pigs; both the corn and tobacco crops seem to be coming along nicely this summer. We had locally-grown corn and cheese sandwiches for lunch with excellent mustard, plus lemonade and root beer because it was very, very warm.

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We were going to drive across DC to Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens in the afternoon for the Water Lily Lotus Festival, but today was the day the District was patching potholes on 295 and after sitting in traffic for an hour in the above-90-degree heat, we turned around and came home, where we had leftover saag tofu and ratatouille for dinner and watched Doctor Who on BBC America -- we'd seen the episodes before but I am betting Comcast keeps track of which households are tuned to which cable channels and I want to make sure they know people are watching the channel and the series. River Song remains my favorite character in the franchise at present -- Collapse )