July 21st, 2010

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Franklin's Penn

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It was Adam's fourteenth birthday, so after he played tennis and went swimming with my father in the morning, I took him, Daniel, my father, and two of Adam's friends out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. After a nearly half-hour wait to be seated, it was one of the loudest lunches I have ever had, and I don't mean because the restaurant was particularly noisy -- there was much quoting of YouTube videos, the Old Spice guy, Volvic Volcanicity ads, and other things I didn't recognize. My mother came and met us as we were finishing and we walked through the mall to get some boys ice cream and others frozen yogurt (Daniel wanted the former, Adam wanted the latter so he could get green tea mochi on it).

In the late afternoon I did laundry (not yet folded) while Daniel took a walk and did stuff on his computer, and Adam went to the pool with one of his friends. We had dinner with my parents -- Adam had requested Chinese food, but I was so full from my pear & gorgonzola pizza that I had cottage cheese and toast. We had gotten Adam Adobe Premiere and Photoshop several weeks ago after my parents got him his camcorder, which were his main birthday presents, but we also adopted a sea turtle for him and we're going to Breakfast with the Penguins next weekend. Our evening entertainment consisted of Warehouse 13, in which Pete continues to prove that he's a fanboy nerd (for Phillip Winchester a.k.a. Crusoe in this case, so I heartily approve), then the interminable Orioles game that ended after several extra innings with an Orioles victory.

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