July 22nd, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Penntertainment

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I don't know whether I ate something yesterday or I picked up a 24-hour flu bug somewhere, but I felt terrible for most of Wednesday and actually took a nap around lunchtime since I couldn't face being downstairs where people were eating. So I have very little to report -- the most exciting thing I did all day was fold laundry while watching A.I. with the kids (older son had seen it in an English class at school discussing dystopias, younger son hadn't seen it before, both thought it was interesting and we had a discussion about what the ending means, other than that humans pretty much suck -- I think it's Spielberg's saddest movie by far, though I suppose Brian Aldiss should get much of the blame for that).

I was still feeling queasy at dinnertime, though I was able to eat Paul's blueberry pancakes (made from scratch, thus denying the kids the opportunity to go around saying "You ain't got no pancake mix!" as they did at the mall yesterday). Since older son will be working on his summer research project on Thursday, we watched Next Gen tonight -- a terrible, terrible episode named "Liaisons" that I don't remember ever seeing before. It aired in Chicago the day older son was born, and I suspect that I was so out of it when I watched it that I then blocked out all the bad parts, which were pretty much every second of the episode. Afterward, since the kids were picking on Star Trek, I put on a Deep Space Nine episode to impress them.

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