July 24th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Claude Moore Colonial Farm

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My kids had another good day on Friday. Adam's friend from Venezuela returned, along with his local best friend, to go swimming at the pool and explore the neighborhood -- the three boys apparently went for a hike, discovered a crevasse, played with the fish in the creek that runs through our town, found a turtle, and saw lots of bugs before coming here to play their favorite video games from second and third grade, when they were last all in school together. Meanwhile, my father took Daniel out to lunch and to play miniature golf, where apparently they were pretty evenly matched.

I knew I had only the couple of hours they were all out of the house to use the treadmill down the basement and get the bulk of my work done, so I wrote a somewhat rushed review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's terrible "Liaisons". Adam was bummed when his friend had to leave, but he is planning to film for Life in a Day tomorrow, so he spent quite a bit of time preparing for that. We had dinner with my parents and had a fairly quiet evening, since we're getting up early on what's expected to be a record-setting hot July day in Baltimore for Breakfast with the Penguins! Here are some more photos from the colonial market fair at Claude Moore Farm last weekend:

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