July 28th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Post-Storm Catchup

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Our power came back on around 4 a.m. Tuesday morning, huzzah! This after a night during which my kids slept on the couch and floor in the living room because it was so hot upstairs; we'd considered sleeping in the basement, but there's so much stuff down there right now waiting to go out to VVA, National Children's Center, etc. that we can't even open the sleep sofa. One of the downstairs lights came on when the power returned and got us up but apparently the kids slept through it. It took several more hours for the house to cool off, but really, I am not complaining, considering that my parents' power was out for 12 hours longer than ours, I have friends who still don't have power, and there are several county public schools and parks that will be closed indefinitely for repairs. (One of the local storm deaths was from a tree falling at Claude Moore Farm, which we had visited the weekend before.) Hopefully the temperature won't reach the weekend highs in the 90s. Collapse )

Tuesday was spent mostly doing damage control and chores that had to be postponed for two days: laundry, Bagel City for fresh food, picking up Adam's violin from the shop where the bow was being rehaired, stopping at Home Depot to get the kids noise-canceling earmuffs, more laundry, emptying the entire refrigerator and some of the freezer, scrubbing the fridge cleaner than it's been since Hurricane Isabel caused a similar purge, more laundry, running the dishwasher to clean all the emptied bottles and containers, trying to put away the sleeping bag that a cat had claimed for her own, more laundry, finally a proper shower with the discovery that shaving one's legs with 30 mosquito bites is a real pain, Warehouse 13's terrible episode in which we find out all girls no matter how smart want to be supermodels and have boyfriends, and more laundry, none of which is folded yet. But it's clean!

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