August 1st, 2010


Poem for Sunday and DC Art

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I spent a wonderful day with my friend Annmarie, whom I have known for more than a decade but we have never lived as close to each other are we are right now while she is stationed at Fort Lee in Virginia. She has been busy with classes, but on Saturday she came over around lunchtime (Paul made pancakes and eggs) and we went downtown to the Smithsonian's American Art museum to see Telling Stories: Norman Rockwell from the Collections of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. My family had seen the Rockwell exhibit at the Maryland Science Center in 2006 and visited the Rockwell museum in Stockton, Massachusetts when my in-laws lived in New England more than 10 years ago, but this one has some illustrations I'd never seen before and some works where both an original charcoal sketch and a finished color version are displayed side by side. It's a terrific exhibit, though quite crowded.

We had intended to see the Lego exhibit at the National Building Museum, but none of the articles we'd seen on it mentioned that visitors need timed tickets, and they were sold out for the day when we arrived. So we walked to the East Wing of the National Gallery of Art to see the new Edvard Munch: Master Prints exhibit, which has several examples of a few dozen Munch prints to show how he varied the colors and textures in different prints to alter each image's theme and tone. We walked back to the car through the Sculpture Garden and watched some Arrested Development after dinner (13-bean chili that Paul had left cooking in the crock pot) before Annmarie had to drive back to Fort Lee. Then we watched Video Games Live on PBS, continuing a theme from the Final Fantasy concert on Friday. I must have "In Zanarkand"!

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Adam finished his Life in a Day video! It's on YouTube and I am both a guest star and occasional camera operator!