August 3rd, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Post-Storm Great Falls

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It was a quiet Monday around here enlivened by washing and folding laundry, a bit of online fall shopping -- though older son is still going to have to be dragged into a store to replace the things he's outgrown -- and the arrival of my prizes from a contest by the author and artist Kris Waldherr of The Book of Goddesses and two of my favorite Tarot decks, who created two decks of cards based on her book Doomed Queens -- one a poker deck, one an advice deck. I would undoubtedly have bought these for myself anyway, so it was really nice to win them, though I am going to buy the poker deck as a gift for a couple of people anyway.

Otherwise our only excitement was tracking down the first episode of Sherlock, which I enjoyed with some reservations. As I think I said the other day about Sherlock Holmes, I'm not particularly a fan of Conan Doyle -- my son has read far more than I have -- so I don't have much of an agenda when it comes to the settings, adaptations of stories, etc., but my usual TV-watching preferences apply, and while I know that a certain degree of sexism is canon, I'd hoped that in a modern adaptation, there would be a stronger female presence right from the start. Collapse )

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