August 4th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Baby Bird

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Adam went out to play tennis with my father on Tuesday morning, after which my father invited all of us out to lunch -- Daniel voted for Hamburger Hamlet, which in addition to beef has veggie patties (Adam had a veggie Caliente Burger) and very good salads (mine had goat cheese, cranberries, candied walnuts and cashews). After we ate, we stopped at the mall so my father could bring his practically-new phone back to AT&T because it wasn't working; they gave him some crap about this being his own fault and he wound up having to go to another AT&T store to exchange it, which left me very unimpressed with AT&T's customer service given how expensive they are compared to T-Mobile, which has always treated me very well. While he was there, I took the kids out for ice cream (Thing One) and frozen yogurt with mochi (Thing Two). Then my father drove us home, and as we turned into our development, Adam spotted a baby bird at the edge of the road. Collapse )

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We had chili dogs for dinner, since that was quick and easy. Evening TV was Warehouse 13. I can't really comment on the Eureka crossover aspect since I've never seen that show (I like Claudia's chemistry with Fargo, but since he has his own show I assume I shouldn't wish for them as a couple), but I can say that any episode of any show with Rene Auberjonois gets a thumbs up from me.