August 6th, 2010


Poem for Friday, MVA Fail and Birdie

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Daniel has his driving learner's permit! That is the happy result of more than two hours of dealing with the Motor Vehicle Administration office in Gaithersburg, which is so badly managed that it makes my local post office, which I know I have complained about in this blog, look like a model of efficiency and appropriate staffing. Collapse ) Anyway, Daniel didn't even have to finish the legal test by the time he finally got into the testing room (which he left in less than ten minutes, since they were only managing to admit one person every half hour despite having lots of free testing computers); one is required only to get 85% correct to pass, and he got the first 17 out of 20 questions right. We missed the thunderstorm that made Adam leave the pool early.

We had dinner with my parents since we won't be able to have Shabbat dinner tomorrow, but before that we went to visit the baby bird, who seems even stronger, though he was a bit sleepy when we arrived after being out with Rose while she taught a dance class. He can hold onto people's fingers now like a parakeet would and was hopping around the way he did when we first saw him in the road. He keeps flapping his wings like he wants to take off but just isn't ready yet -- we are hoping this means that when the wings develop, he'll be able to fly as if he'd been fledged by his parents. Here he is with Adam being adorable:

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Futurama this week is about how cats have taken over the world and their plans to dominate the did it take the writers of that show so long to realize? Though it seemed phony to me, since none of the genius humans realized they only had to throw an aluminum foil ball into the midst of the cat conspiracy to send it into chaos! My cats were unimpressed, but then, they are unimpressed by everything except food. And the birds on the feeder outside, which is why they have not met the Itty Bitty Birdie!