August 7th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Wild Animals

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Most of my Friday was occupied with three things: writing an article, driving kids places, and visiting the baby bird. The first took longer than usual because it was a review of a two-part episode, Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Gambit", which I always want to like better than I do; Stewart and Frakes are both terrific in it, but it's an awfully thin story for a final-season two-parter and doesn't serve the characters well. The driving involved taking Daniel to Silver Spring, from which he carpooled to Baltimore for a robotics competition; the Beltway was a nightmare, and I wound up with a headache I never really shook off later in the day.

Adam and I stopped at a few stores for supplies for us and for the baby bird, who is still eating plenty and growing and being adorable. We got some baby applesauce and paper towels for Rose and offered to do her bird laundry, since she had run out of towels and baby blankets after staying up half the night feeding Itty Bitty Birdie. Adam and his friend Daniel went looking for worms to feed the bird, though none of us wanted to be the one to puree the worms into baby bird food. We tried to watch Eureka in the evening because it's a sequel to this week's Warehouse 13, but although Claudia was in the episode, I found it hard to follow without ever having seen the show before.

fannish5: Collapse ) And Maryland Zoo elephants, giraffes, and camels, because elephants, giraffes, and camels are awesome:

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