August 9th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Monday and Fine Art in Richmond

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We spent most of Sunday in Richmond with dementordelta and Lin, having gone down to see the Tiffany exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It did not disappoint; in addition to dozens of vases, lamps, decorative pieces, sketches, and paintings, there were stained glass windows from several churches. The museum was rcently renovated and has its own Art Nouveau wing with more Tiffany glass, plus a spectacular collection of brooches, buckles, furniture, and artwork. Annmarie came up from Fort Lee and met us for the exhibit, and we had lunch in the café in the museum (I had excellent goat cheese and pesto pizza).

In the afternoon we went to Agecroft Hall, a Tudor estate home that was transplanted to Richmond from Lancashire in the 1920s after being built by the Langley family and passed on to their descendants from the late 1400s. The house was reconstructed in Virginia by would-be-gentry socialites, but has since been refurnished with Tudor and Stuart furnishings and is now the summer home of the Shakespeare festival. The wood panels are all original to the house, there are three magnificent ornate beds, there's a reproduction kitchen, and after the house tour (given by the mother of someone Delta used to work with) we walked in the flower and herb gardens, where we saw toads, skinks, and many dragonflies.

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We had dinner at Mexico, where we've eaten with dementordelta before, and I had way too many nachos and Enchiladas del Pueblo (potato, tomato and cheese enchiladas that were delicious). Traffic on I-95 returning home was terrible for some unknown reason (people returning from Virginia beaches maybe?) and it took us three hours to get there, but eventually we made it home to our starving cats!