August 12th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Agecroft Hall

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Adam had a checkup at the orthodontist on Wednesday morning to make sure the retainers are doing what they're supposed to, which apparently they are. I had a conversation about colleges with the orthodontist, peered in a couple of stores, and stopped in Trader Joe's for necessities like hummus, almonds, and mochi ice cream. Adam and I both worked on photos in the afternoon -- we have both taken many of the baby bird and were sorting and cropping them. He had downloaded a scenery modeling program, Terragen, and was creating landscapes with it, plus he figured out how to take a photo of himself beating himself up using layer masks to merge images. Daniel was working on a power supply for his summer project and defragmenting his computer.

We tried to visit the bird twice in the late afternoon and evening, but we kept missing Rose, though Adam's friend tells us the bird was flying in her living room. Paul made black bean chili for dinner, after which we watched Van Gogh: Painted with Words, which a Sherlock fan had passed on because it stars Benedict Cumberbatch. I liked him vastly better as Van Gogh, and I learned a great deal from the documentary -- I had a very incomplete knowledge about Van Gogh's religious background and I loved the portrayal of his relationships with Sien Hoornik and Paul Gauguin. We also watched Human Spark on PBS, the episodes "Becoming Us" and "Brain Matters," in which Alan Alda tries to understand how we differ from Neanderthals and which parts of our brains interpret symbols and emotions...interesting but lots of repetition of the idea of "human spark" so that if felt heavy-handed and a bit defensive!

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