August 14th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Post-Storm Birdie

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Our power came back on late Thursday night, but our internet was out nearly all day, though Comcast had promised to send someone between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Rather than lament this any further, since I am just happy finally to have everything working again, I shall instead post about what I did accomplish on Friday, which wasn't all that much. After breakfast I put on Star Trek: The Next Generation so I could review "Phantasms", which both kids ended up watching with me; it's a more enjoyable episode than I had remembered (I was still cloudy-headed from having a newborn when I first saw it), and we were all amused by the amount of air time given to Data's cat Spot. Then I went looking for the Deep Space Nine episode "Past Tense" since something had reminded me of it and I thought it might be in the Time Travel DVD collection; it wasn't, but I put on "Little Green Men" because I thought the kids would like it and we ended up watching the whole disc, which also had "Trials and Tribble-ations" and Voyager's two-parter The Year of Hell. I really did not like the latter when I first saw it -- it was in the early stages of the Seven of Nine Era, I hated the way Janeway was characterized, I thought it had a lot of redundancy -- so I was surprised that it held up better than I expected, particularly Chakotay back in the days before Robert Beltran started phoning in his performances.

Our internet returned just after 5 p.m. -- just in time for me to post my review, after two increasingly cranky calls to Comcast since I'd stayed in the house all day assuming they'd actually come since they said they would -- and I made a brief attempt to catch on on e-mail before going for a walk since I desperately needed to stretch my legs at that point. (Comment replies to come later, I promise.) We had dinner with my parents and my sister's middle daughter, who is visiting them till tomorrow morning -- tacos, which were her choice -- and stopped to see the baby bird on the way home. He is flying all around Rose's place and picking at blackberries but still not really feeding himself, meaning he doesn't get to practice flying outside yet. Adam and his friend Daniel were helping him fly. We watched the Redskins beat the Bills in a preseason game in which Donovan McNabb looked pretty good, though I'm sticking with the Ravens as my team; I have issues with the Redskins' name and the Redskins' owner even if I do live marginally closer to where they play.

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