August 15th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Sunday and Howard County Farms

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Blueberries were not our primary agenda for Saturday, but when we passed Blueberry Gardens on our way to Clark's Elioak Farm, I had a feeling we'd be stopping before we went home. We had already taken Daniel to vertigo66's house to work with her husband on his summer project when we went to the farm, which was celebrating the 55th birthday of Enchanted Forest -- the amusement park whose fixtures now decorate the farm and petting zoo. The farm was having a party for former park employees, but otherwise it wasn't more crowded than other times we've visited and there were fewer people around the animals, though there were a couple of big birthday parties at the tables near the entrance. We visited the goats, sheep, piglets, calf, ponies, emu, turkey, chickens, ducks, and rabbits, then walked around the pond where the tugboat is docked -- which in previous years had tadpoles and frogs and did again this weekend -- and through the pine maze, which has more of the fixtures from the amusement park.

On the way back through Howard County, we stopped to pick organic blueberries and to visit the chickens at Blueberry Gardens, which is also home to a yoga and meditation center. (Paul rarely misses an opportunity to pick blueberries, heh.) The weather was nice all day, overcast and not too hot, and we were surprised at how many ripe blueberries were still in season this far into August. When we arrived at vertigo66's it was nearly dinnertime, so after a couple of hands of Uno with her kids, we ordered food from Thai Jasmine Bistro (tofu panang, yellow curry, and satay for some of us, various chicken dishes and dumplings for others) and all ate in their kitchen when those working in the machine shop could be dragged away from the project. Daniel very much enjoys working on the secret project they're doing -- something involving engineering and flight simulation -- so everyone came home in a good mood!

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