August 16th, 2010


Poem for Monday and Science Center Animals

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dementordelta came to visit so we could go see bats in Baltimore! First I took her (along with Adam) to see the baby bird, who is flying a bit around Rose's place but still refusing to eat on his own. His tail feather is growing, so hopefully he'll get a better sense of balance and start eating some of his fruit and seeds and insect bits. Paul made us pancakes, eggs, and sausage for brunch, then we drove to the Maryland Science Center (in the pouring rain) which was having Backyard Science Days, meaning they had live animal demonstrations including Bat Encounters with Rob Mies. He had brought four bats whom my family had met before -- a local big brown bat, an African bat, a golden bat and a flying fox. We also went to see the science center's own animal show, with a terrapin, salamander, snake, and ferret, and visited the dinosaurs, blue crabs, and other exhibits.

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It rained pretty much the entire day, so we didn't walk around the harbor at all, but we did go to the Van Gogh: Brush With Genius IMAX movie which we'd wanted to see since we watched Van Gogh: Painted With Words. It was a bit more dry than the latter but it had gorgeous footage of Paris and the south of France as well as close-ups of Van Gogh's paintings, drawings and letters on that enormous screen. We came home for dinner, sent Delta on her way, and watched A Fish Called Wanda which had come up in conversation somehow the other day and we knew the kids would like it (and were now old enough to appreciate it). It is as politically incorrect as ever, but I can't take any of it seriously so it still makes me howl. And Kevin Kline is brilliant. "Don't call me stupid!"