August 17th, 2010

green little review

Poem for Tuesday and Veggie Races

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I spent the afternoon on Monday with perkypaduan, who will be watching our house and my cats while we are visiting colleges over the next few days. She is currently house-sitting in Dupont Circle, so I picked her up at the Metro and we went to the mall for lunch and errands (crepes for me and Adam, sushi for her, Subway for Daniel). Then we came back to my house and decided to be nostalgic for our first meeting, which was at Best Buy waiting to purchase The Fellowship of the Ring extended edition, so we watched that! Boromir is as luscious and tragic as ever, though younger son was critical of the special effects now that he knows more about filmmaking.

Otherwise, my day involved laundry, the bank, catching up on e-mail, and other things that had to get done before we leave. I recolored my hair, this time with Herbatint, which smells a million times better than the other stuff in addition to being certified cruelty-free; I think Revlon is, too, though I got the Herbatint at the co-op so it seems more granola. It takes three times as long to work, and keeping cats from sticking their paws in the stuff is much more difficult when it doesn't reek of ammonia, so we'll see how long the color lasts. The cats are always suspicious when we get out the coolers and duffels, so they have had a difficult day!

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